No. 10381. Sud Aviation SE 3130 Alouette II AH.Mk.2 (XR379 c/n 1583) Royal Army
Photographed at Farnborough, UK, July 21, 2006, by Robert Hodgson

Sud Aviation SE 3130 Alouette II AH.Mk.2

01/31/2011. This helicopter was produced a Model SE 3130 Alouette (Lark), and was first flown under the civil test registration F-WIEN. It was delivered to the Royal Army Air Corps in May 1961, serialed XJ379. Two years after being withdrawn from use, it was transferred to the AACHF (Army Air Corps Historical Flight) on July 25, 1990, and since is a frequent visitor on air shows in which the British forces participate.

Created January 31, 2011