No. 10384. Taylor J.T.1 Monoplane (G-BGHY c/n PFA 1455)
Photographed at North Weald, UK, June 17, 2007, by Robert Hodgson

Taylor J.T.1 Monoplane

01/31/2011. Remarks by Johan Visschedijk: "The prototype of the single-seat ultra-light sporting J.T.1 Monoplane was designed by John Taylor in 1956, with the object to produce a cheap aircraft. Its size was governed by the fact that it had to be built in a room measuring 16 x 11 ft (4.88 x 3.35m), and the fuselage and wings had to be passed through an upstairs window after completion. It was of entire wooden construction and covered with plywood and fabric. Powerplant was a 38 hp J.A.P. two-cylinder horizontally-opposed air-cooled engine.

Construction took about 14 months, and it was first flown by Titch Holmeson at White Waltham, Berkshire, UK, on July 4, 1959. Since plans have been sold to all parts of the world and about 110 have flown, in many variants and powered by a number of different engines, including 40 to 72 hp Aeronca, Continental, Lycoming, McCulloch and modified Volkswagen series.

Unfortunately John Talor was killed on May 16, 1967, when he crashed with the prototype of his second design, the J.T.2 Titch. The pictured aircraft was constructed by John Prowse of Paignton, Devon, and was first registered January 12, 1979, since it is in the hands of its fourth owner."

Created January 31, 2011