No. 12252. Aircraft Technologies Atlantis 2 (N120BS c/n 004)
Photographed at Oshkosh, Wisconsin, USA, July 29, 2013, by Robert Hodgson

Aircraft Technologies Atlantis 2

02/28/2014. Remarks by Walter van Tilborg: "The Atlantis was an original design aerobatic light plane of Fred J. Meyer and it was basically a scaled-up development of the single-seat Acro 1 a side-by-side two-seater. The first aircraft (N2118L) was first flown in early-1996 and had a 200 hp Lycoming IO-360 engine. The Atlantis was intended as a two-seat aerobatic trainer or as a single-seater when flown in aerobatic competitions. The type was stressed to +15g and -15g and was suited for engines in the 150-250 hp range.

It became available in kit form from Aircraft Technologies, Inc., Lilburn, Georgia, and the first deliveries were made in 1998. Several aircraft were completed, the N570TC (c/n 005) built by Timothy Cook of Byrdstown, Tennessee, USA had a 250 hp Lycoming IO-540 series engine. The improved Atlantis 2 (or II) was introduced in 1999, which had a lengthened fuselage, a roomier cockpit and incorporated refined construction components and production techniques. The first Atlantis II (N120BS c/n 004) was built by Bill R. Shain of Coal City, Illinois and had a Lycoming AEIO-360 engine."

Created February 28, 2014