No. 12260. Fisher Dakota Hawk (C-GXPR c/n DH05)
Photographed at Oshkosh, Wisconsin, USA, July 28, 2013, by Robert Hodgson

Fisher Dakota Hawk

02/28/2014. Remarks by Walter van Tilborg: "Slightly larger than earlier Fisher Flying Products (FFP) models, the design of the Dakota Hawk was initiated by Erval Jackson who was FFP dealer at the time and the type was the first FFP type that was not designed by Michael E. Fisher. Development of the Dakota Hawk was slowed down as Jackson died in 1987 before a prototype had flown, but when his widow Darlene purchased FFP in 1989, the design was revived and then finished under leadership of Steve Lambert.

A prototype of the Dakota Hawk, with an 82 hp Mosler 82X engine, flew during 1992. The type became available the following year from FFP and was suitable for a large number of engines in the 65-100 hp range. The first kit-built example was completed in USA by Tom Wrobel in 1996 with a 65 hp Continental A65-8 engine. The Dakota Hawk was still being marketed by Fisher Flying Products, Inc in 2013, but the company had meanwhile been relocated from the USA to Ontario Province in Canada and kit deliveries resumed in 2009.

The pictured aircraft, fitted with an 85 hp Continental C85, was built in the USA as N21298 (c/n DH05) by Thomas F. Marson and completed in 1996. In 2009 the aircraft was imported in Canada and received the C-GXPR registration."

Created February 28, 2014