No. 13062. Nuwaco T-10 (NX275TW c/n 21)
Photographed at Oshkosh, Wisconsin, USA, July 28, 2013, by Robert Hodgson

Nuwaco T-10

01/31/2017. Remarks by Johan Visschedijk: "Ernest A. Bode of Littleton, Colorado, USA, designed and built a three-seat replica biplane based on the pre-WW II taperwing Waco biplanes; the prototype was first flown on May 5, 1984. Bode formed the Nuwaco Aircraft Company and plans, kits as well as completely built aircraft became available. Reportedly the company was dissolved in 2000.

The pictured aircraft was built by David K. Allen of Monument, Colorado, presently it is registered ZK-WTW to Martin Paul Cantlon of Mount Maunganui, New Zealand.

TYPE: Three-seat homebuilt replica biplane.
AIRFRAME: Welded steel tube fuselage and wire-braced tail unit, and braced wooden wings, all fabric covered. Wing section M-6. Non-retractable tailwheel landing gear.
POWERPLANT: Suited to engines of 220-450 hp. Prototype fitted with 275 hp Jacobs R-755-B2 radial. Optional engines included Continental W-670, Pratt & Whitney R-985, Wright R-975 or J5, and Jacobs R-755-A2. Fuel capacity 60 gal (227 l). Two auxiliary fuel tanks in upper wing center section optional, each with capacity of 17 gal (64.4 l).

Created January 31, 2017