No. 3262. Luton LA.4A Minor (G-BDJG c/n PFA 828)
Photographed at Popham, UK, September 2003, by Robert Hodgson

Luton LA.4A Minor

04/30/2007. Remarks by Johan Visschedijk: "The LA.4 was designed by C.H. Latimer-Needham and the first, G-AFBP, built by the Luton Aircraft Ltd., flew for the first time in 1937. The Luton works were destroyed by fire in 1943. After WW II the type was refined to the LA.4A and plans for home construction were distributed by the Phoenix Aircraft Ltd. till it went into liquidation on January 12, 1972. Presently plans are distributed by the PFA.

This aircraft was built in 1982 by D.J. Gaskin."

Created January 29, 2004