No. 7572. Breguet Br 19 TR Bidón (72 c/n 42) Spanish Air Force "Jesús del Gran Poder" (Jesus of the Great Power)
Photographed at the Museo del Aire, Cuatro Vientos Airport, Madrid, Spain, September 2, 2006, by Robert Hodgson

Breguet Br 19 TR Bidón

03/31/2008. The Breguet 19 TR was built under license by CASA in Spain. Captains Ignacio Jiménez Martín y Francisco Iglesias Bragu used the type for a long-distance flight from Seville to Bahia (Brazil). The aircraft was fitted with additional fuel tanks to have a range of ca. 4,350 mls (7,000 km) and the standard 450 hp Lorraine A4-12Eb twelve-cylinder V-engine (license built by Elizalde) was replaced by a 600 hp Hispano-Suiza 12 lb twelve-cylinder

Baptized by H.M. Victoria Eugenia of Spain, the aircraft left Spain on March 24, 1929, arriving in Brazil on the 26th, after 46 hr 58 min non-stop flying, establishing a distance record for landplanes of 4,132 mls (6,650 km). Martín and Bragu flew the aircraft another 9,321 mls (15,000 km) in stages across the South American continent up to Panama, ending at Cuba. It was shipped back to Spain aboard the cruiser Almirante Cervera.

Created March 31, 2008