No. 7576. Gardan GY-80-160 Horizon (G-AZYA c/n 57)
Photographed at Wellesbourne Mountford, UK, May 6, 2007, by Robert Hodgson

Gardan GY-80-160 Horizon

03/31/2008. The four-seat Horizon was designed by Yves Gardan and the prototype, F-WJDU (later F-BJDU) c/n 01, made its first flight on July 21, 1960, a further six aircraft (c/n 02 to 07) were produced. On July 10, 1962 Sud Aviation obtained a license to produce the Horizon. Sud Aviation, and from 1966 its subsidiary SOCATA, produced 260 aircraft (c/n 1 to 260), all with Lycoming engines, either a 150 hp O-320-A, a 160 hp O-320-B, or a 180 hp
O-360A. Production was ceased in late 1968.

The pictured aircraft was produced by Sud Aviation and registered F-BLPT in 1964, on July 7, 1972 it was registered in the UK as G-AZYA.

Created March 31, 2008