No. 7682. Robin ATL-L (F-GFOR c/n 42)
Photographed at Haverfordwest, UK, May 29, 2005

Robin ATL-L

09/30/2009. The ATL (Avion Très Léger, very light aircraft) was designed to a requirement issued in 1981 by the Fédération National Aéronautique for a very lightweight two-seat aircraft. The prototype, appropriately registered F-WFNA, was flown on June 17, 1983. The first of 131 production aircraft was first flown on December 7, 1984 and the first delivery was made on April 27, 1985, although the type was only certified on January 15, 1986.

As indicated by the owner of F-GFOR, Mike Godsell, there are three versions of ATL: The ATL S and ATL, both with JPX 4T-60A engines and having the option of long range fuel tanks. Plus the ATL-L with normal fuel tanks and more powerful Limbach 2000-D2A engine. F-GFOR was manufactured by Avions Pierre Robin in April 1986.

Created April 30, 2008