No. 8569. Pottier P.40 (OO-68)
Photographed at Brussels Air Museum, Belgium, March 4, 2008, by Robert Hodgson

Pottier P.40

04/30/2010. Remarks by Walter van Tilborg: "Jean Pottier was designer of no less than sixteen homebuilt aircraft types which included the P.40, P.50, P.60 (the only biplane), P.70, P.80, P.100 (the only high wing), P.130, P.170, P.180, P.190, P.220, P.230, P.240, P.250, P.270, and P.320.

Several hundreds of Pottier designed aircraft were built, especially in France. Mr. Pottier became in 1996 the President of the RSA (the French Association of Amateur Aircraft Builders) and was sadly killed in 2003 during the testing of his last design, the P.320.

Although being Pottier's first design, the flying wing P.40 was the second to take the air, it was preceded by the P.70B that flew July 19, 1974. The P.40 was built in France by Bela Nogrady and first flew in 1975, after the construction had started in 1968. This aircraft was registered F-PYBF (s/n 06) and it had a 25 hp VW1200 engine. The aircraft was damaged beyond repair during testing. The P.40 in the Brussels museum is the only existing P.40.

Created January 31, 2009