No. 8571. Demonty-Poncelet Vivette (O-BAFH c/n 2)
Photographed at Brussels Air Museum, Belgium, March 4, 2008, by Robert Hodgson

Demonty-Poncelet Vivette

01/31/2009. Designed by Mathieu Demonty, technical director of SABCA (Société Anonyme Belge de Construction Aéronautique), this side-by-side two-seat glider was produced by Paul Poncelet in 1923, it was registered to J.B. Richard of Brussels on October 1. At the 1925 Vauville Meeting, near Cherbourg, France, piloted by the Frenchman Albert Massaux, the aircraft established a duration record, staying aloft for 10 hr 19 min 43 sec on July 26.

Created January 31, 2009