No. 10517. Bölkow Bö 207 (I-ARAM c/n 243)
Photographed at Teuge Airport, the Netherlands, January 9, 2011, by Bart Hoekstra

Bölkow Bö 207

03/31/2011. Remarks by Bart Hoekstra: "Built in 1963, when it became D-EJBO, this aircraft went to Italy in 1974 as partial payment for the purchae of another aircraft from Aermacchi. The aircraft was registered I-ARAM, after the wife Mara of the then Aermacchi president Paolo Foresio. As I-MARA was already used by another aircraft her name was written backwards. Since 2010 it's owned by 'R.J.M. van Diemen & partners' and based at Lelystad, the Netherlands."

Created March 31, 2011