No. 11102. Christen A-1 Husky (PH-ELT c/n 1131)
Photographed at Teuge, the Netherlands, March 6, 2011, by Bart Hoekstra

Christen A-1 Husky

01/31/2012. Remarks by Bart Hoekstra: "Produced by Christen Industries Inc. at Afton Wyoming, USA, this aircraft was initially registered N9604X. On October 2, 1990 the aircraft was registered in the UK as G-BSVA, while on May 15, 1996 it was registered in the Netherlands as PH-ELT.

Initially owned by the Stichting Nationaal Zweefvliegcentrum Terlet (National Gliding Center Terlet Foundation), it was reregistered to the Stichting Belang Zweefvliegers Terlet (Glider Pilots Interest Terlet Foundation on August 22, 2002. The Husky is used as a glider tow at Terlet and it often comes to Teuge to refuel."

Created January 31, 2012