No. 4365. Avro 643 Mk.II Cadet (VH-PRU c/n 1060)
Photographed at Albury, New South Wales, Australia, March 27, 1966, via Joe Drage

Avro 643 Mk.II Cadet

07/03/2005. Remarks by John Hopton: "This aircraft served with the RAAF serialed as A6-25. After WW II it appeared on the civil register as VH-AEI on April 16, 1946. Deregistered on August 6, 1951, it was registered again as VH-AEI on March 23, 1957. On May 23, 1958 it was re-registered as VH-PRU and became a part of Joe Drage's aircraft collection.

After crashing on March 26, 1967 at Albury, New South Wales, it was deregistered on April 20, 1968, to be registered again between July 22, 1994 and October 24, 1997. It was sold to the USA where it was registered as N643AV on June 3, 1998 to Kermit Weeks and is currently preserved in airworthy condition at the Fantasy of Flight Museum, Florida."

Created July 3, 2005