No. 6170. Commonwealth CA-27 Sabre Mk.31 (A94-907 c/n 27-7) Royal Australian Air Force
Photographed at RAAF Base Williams - Laverton, Victoria, Australia, September 20, 1964, by John Hopton
Hopton No. p5200-0621

Commonwealth CA-27 Sabre Mk.31

04/30/2011. Produced as an Mk.30, A94-907 was delivered to the RAAF on December 21, 1954. One and a halve year later, May 23, 1956, it was converted to an Mk.31. It was withdrawn from operational use in November 1966, and it became an Instructional Airframe at Wagga Wagga on June 11, 1968. Subsequently it was seen at various airfields, while presently it is being cannibalized for the restoration of A94-352. The aircraft is seen in its better times, fitted with an oil-pipe to generate smoke trails during displays. View also photo 4781.

Created February 28, 2007