No. 10684. Naglo D.II German Army Air Service
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Naglo D.II

06/30/2011. The D.II quadruplane built by the Naglo Werft of Pichelsdorf, near Berlin, was designed by Ing. Gnactig, who was, at the time, still in the employ of the Albatros Werke. It participated in the second D-type contest at Adlershof in the summer of 1918, the debriefing minutes of which indicated that it was to appear for further testing after modification.

Powered by a 160 hp Mercedes six-cylinder water-cooled engine and intended to carry an armament of two LMG 08/15 machineguns, the Naglo D.II appears to have been based on an Albatros D.V-type fuselage. The bottom wing, completely independent of the three main lifting surfaces, was attached to an extruded keel and braced with splayed struts.

Official type testing was undertaken on May 24, 1918, and during the D-type contest evaluation pilots praised the excellence of the construction and workmanship of the D.II while calling for an improvement in the flight characteristics. No details of the performance of this quadruplane fighter have survived.

Created June 30, 2011