No. 12485. Latécoère 17
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Latécoère 17

07/31/2014. Remarks by Johan Visschedijk: "The France-Brazil Aeropostale route (with the aid of ships from Dakar, French West Africa, presently Senegal, to Natal, Brazil) was opened in early 1928. At least two Latécoère 14's were followed by approximately seven Latécoère 17s. The latter was a single-engined parasol-wing monoplane with a rounded metal fuselage (fabric-covered) powered by a 280 hp Renault 12Fc engine, accommodating one pilot and five passengers plus baggage and mail. Six Latécoère 17-J-3s were also built, these were fitted with a 380 hp Gnome-Rhone-built Bristol Jupiter radial engine."

Created July 31, 2014