No. 8789. Lincoln LF-1 (N12237 c/n 3)
Source unknown via Peter M. Bowers

Lincoln LF-1

03/31/2009. This Neuport 28 duplicate was built in 1936 by Claude Flagg of Van Nuys, California, USA, for Garland Lincoln, a pilot and supplier of aircraft for motion picture work. Commonly known as the Garland-Lincoln LF-1 Nieuport, the LF-1 (Lincoln Flagg-1) differs from the original Nieuport 28 in having a steel tube framework and an one-piece upper wing without dihedral. In the sixties this LF-1 was used by Frank Tallman and Paul Mantz, presently it is owned by Brent Mone of Santa Rosa, California.

Created March 31, 2009