No. 9425. Dayton-Wright TA-3 (64391) US Army Air Service
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Dayton-Wright TA-3

11/30/2009. Remarks by Johan Visschedijk: "Marketed commercially as the Chummy, the TA-3 (TA = Training Air-cooled) was submitted to the Army in 1921 as a replacement for the OX-5-powered Curtiss JN-4D, which had been withdrawn from service as unsuitable for primary training by post-war standards.

Three test models were ordered, and were unusual in that they reverted to the pre-war side-by-side seating and were the last design submitted to the Army with rotary engines. Allotted the s/n 64390 to 64392, the aircraft were tested at McCook Field, Dayton, Ohio, and received the Project Number P-230, P-239 and P-262 respectively.

Even with the lighter airframe, the 80 hp Le Rhône was not adequate for the job, so the ten production TA-3s (s/n 22-266 to 22-275) were fitted with 110 hp Le Rhônes, and the first was also tested at McCook Field, under the Project Number P-276; it was surveyed on March 18, 1927.

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