No. 9845. Standard J-1 (N2826D c/n 1598)
Source unknown

Standard J-1

08/31/2010. Fitted with an 180 hp Hispano E engine, this aircraft was produced for the USASC in 1917. In 1920 the US Army Salvage in Americus, Georgia sold it as surplus to B.A. Bowers of Knoxville, Tennessee. After
WW II it was sold to Cole Palen at Roosevelt Field, New York, and then it was sold to Paul Mantz Air Service, Burbank, California in 1955.

As pictured here it was used in the 1957 movie 'Wings of Eagles' disguised as a Navy Curtiss 'Jenny', carrying the fake USN serial 'A-190' (which was originally allotted to a Curtiss R-6), altered kingposts, and an enlarged fin.

In the 1960s the aircraft was rebuilt at Glendale, California by Otto W. Timm and Harlan A. Gurney, and was sold in 1967 to Johan M. Larson of the Larson Museum in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Presently it is on display at the San Diego Aerospace Museum, San-Diego, California.

Created April 30, 2010