No. 11677. Elliots of Newbury AP.5 Olympia 2B (BGA 1125 c/n EoN/O/136)
Photographed at Shuttleworth (Old Warden) Aerodrome, near Biggleswade, UK, July 10, 2012, by Steven Howe

Elliots of Newbury AP.5 Olympia 2B

11/30/2012. This glider was produced in 1959 and was registered G-APXC on November 6, 1959. It was deregistered within four years, August 17, 1963. Subsequently it was stored for over 33 years, as it was acquired in 1996 by Terence Henderson, a Concorde Training Captain and Chairman of Edgley Sailplanes. It took another thirteen years before restoration was started, which was finished in 2011. The glider reappeared in the markings of an Olympia 1 (s/n VV401, c/n EoN/O/029) of the Empire Test Pilot School which had crashed at Farnborough, March 23, 1952.

Created November 30, 2012