No. 5921. Sud-Est S.E.2010 Armagnac (F-BAVG c/n 06) Transports Ariens Intercontentaux
Photographed at Gando Airport, Gran Canaria, Canary Islands, Spain, ca. 1950's, by Julian Hoyos

Sud-Est S.E.2010 Armagnac

11/15/2006. From Aviation Safety Network web site: "January 29, 1957: The first attempt to land at Paris-Orly at night, ILS, monitored by GCA, failed. The crew decided to try a second time with GCA guidance. Full power was applied when the crew were not able to see the runway. The aircraft continued to descend however and impacted the ground in a right bank. The right hand wing separated and the main fuselage broke up into four main parts."

Created November 15, 2006