No. 2644. Laird LC-1B200 Commercial (CF-APY c/n 196)
Photographed at Winnipeg Airport, Manitoba, Canada, 1943. source unknown

Laird LC-1B200 Commercial

12/08/2006. Remarks by Byron Reynolds: "Laird CF-APY (c/n 196) is a model LC-1B200. We have the original unmodified serial number plate to confirm this. The aircraft was built as such and exported directly from the Laird factory to Canada.

Our information has it that approximately 11 LC-1Bs were built, the major differences from the LC-B being a wider fuselage and a 33 ft 6 in (10.21 m) wing span instead of a 34 ft 6 in (10.52 m) wing span on the LC-B. Both the LC-B and LC-1B aircraft are covered under ATC86.

The aircraft is presently under restoration and eventually will be displayed at the Reynolds-Alberta Museum 'Home of Canada’s Aviation Hall of Fame' in Wetaskiwin, Alberta.

The picture in front of Johannesson Flying Service in Winnipeg was taken towards the end of 1943."

Created May 27, 2003