No. 10167. Breda Ba 15 (G-AAVL c/n 1419)
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Breda Ba 15

11/30/2010. Remarks by Johan Visschedijk: "This type was designed and built by the SocietÓ Italiana Ernesto Breda at Milan, Italy in 1929, to a request issued in 1928 by the Italian Ministero dell'Aeronautica (Air Ministry). It was produced in larger numbers, at least 100 went to sections of the RUNA (Reale Unione Nazionale Aeronautica, Royal National Air Union) and civil owners, while the Regia Aeronautica Italiana (Italian Royal Air Force) acquired 177, of which 92 later appeared on the Italian civil registry.

The pictured aircraft was one of the six examples that were registered in the UK. Produced in 1930, it was fitted with an 100 hp de Havilland Gipsy I four-cylinder air-cooled in-line engine. It appeared on the British registry as G-AAVL and received its British CofA on April 15, 1930. After three successive private owners, it was registered to Pan-Aero Pictures Ltd. at Brooklands, Surrey, on March 13, 1935. The registration was cancelled in April 1937 and the aircraft was scrapped."

Created November 30, 2010