No. 10919. FVM Triplanet (831) Swedish Air Force
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FVM Triplanet

10/31/2011. The two-seat advanced trainer Triplanet (Triplane) was the first original design of the FVM (Flygkompaniets Tygverkstäder på Malmen, Aviation Company Stock Workshop at Malmen) at the military airfield Malmen in Malmslätt near Linköping, Sweden. Fitted with a 90 hp Thulin A (license built Le Rhône) nine-cylinder rotary engine, the aircraft was first flown in September 1918 by Lieutenant Nils Rodéhn, pictured here with Lieutenant Paul af Uhr. The sole Triplanet was lost in April 1919, when it didn't recover from a spin, both occupants were killed.

Created October 31, 2011