No. 11571. Tupolev Tu-8 Soviet Air Force
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Tupolev Tu-8

09/30/2012. Known as design ANT-69 (ANT = Andrei Nikolayevich Tupolev), the Tu-8 was the last type derived of basic Tu-2 line, this DB (Dahl'niy Bombardirovshchik, long-range bomber) was the heaviest variant and a most refined and impressive aircraft, but it arrived in an era dominated by the Tu-4 and in a world turning swiftly to jets. Powered by two 1,850 hp Ash-82FNV radial engines driving four-blade propellers, the single example flew briefly during May 1947.

The airframe was based on the ANT-62 (Tu-2D) but with further increase in chord to give the greatest wing area of the series. The main wheels were mounted further forward, and main and tail landing gear had larger tires to match the increased gross weight; the fuel capacity was accordingly increased.

The five-seat aircraft had a completely revised defensive armament with a B-20 on right side of fuselage fired by pilot, a B-20 with 190 rounds fired from rear of main cockpit by the navigator/bomber or by the second pilot on swiveling seat, a third B-20 with 250 rounds was fitted in an MV-11 dorsal turret, and the fourth and fifth B-20 in pair in a ventral turret aimed by fifth crew member via remote sight/control system using diagonal beam portholes upstream of recessed sides of rear fuselage.

Created September 30, 2012