No. 12697. Gallaudet D-1 (A-59) US Navy
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Gallaudet D-1

12/29/2014. Remarks by Johan Visschedijk: "One of the most unusual designs in the USN inventory was the Gallaudet D-series, produced by the Gallaudet Engineering Company, Norwich, Connecticut. This featured the power plant amidships driving a geared-down four-blade propeller mounted on a ring encircling the fuselage. The D-1 (A-59) was powered with two 150 hp Dusenberg engines mounted side by side. Following delivery of the D-1 in January 1917, the firm reorganized as Gallaudet Aircraft Corporation, and moved to Greenwich, Rhode Island. Two D-4s, powered with single Liberty engines, were then produced for the USN (A-2653, A-2654)."

Created December 29, 2014