No. 5424. Borel 1913 Pusher Monoplane
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Borel 1913 Pusher Monoplane

06/15/2006. Remarks by Bernhard Klein: "Called by the French a 'monomoteur de chasse (single-engined fighter), in the annals of aviation it is not considered a fighter because the machine was built to fulfill a desire of the French Army for an aircraft for the sole purpose to destroy balloons. The type was a two-seater with side by side seating. Each side of the nose front had a mica (insinglass) window so each crew member could spot balloons below. The engine, installed behind crew positions, turned an 'integral' pusher propeller. As far as can be found out, in 1913 only one 'prototype' was built and flown by a 'test pilot' named Daucourt, who reported excellent flying qualities! 'Protoype' and 'test pilot' terms are mine and were not used in those days!"

Created June 15, 2006