No. 5426. Curtiss CW-29A XP-87 Blackhawk (45-59600) US Army Air Forces
Photograph from Curtiss Wright, taken August 26, 1947

Curtiss CW-29A XP-87 Blackhawk

06/15/2006. Remarks by Bernhard Klein: "Project started as the XA-43 and had assigned the Curtiss designation CW-29A Nighthawk. The prototype was ordered by the USAAF as the XP-87, it was Curtiss's first and only pure jet aircraft. It was also the last aircraft to be produced by the Curtiss company.

Rolled-out on February 15, and first flown by Lee Miller on May 5, 1948, it was redesignated XF-87 in June 1948 when USAF dropped the 'P' for Pursuit designation in favor of 'F for Fighter designation.

On October 10, 1948 the USAF cancelled the F-87 program including the orders for 58 F-87As and 30 RF-87As it had placed on January 10, 1948. The second prototype XP/XF-87A was never finished. View also photo 1914 and 8130."

Created June 15, 2006