No. 5648. Prescott Pusher (N41PP c/n 001)
Photograph from Prescott

Prescott Pusher

09/15/2006. Remarks by Bernhard Klein: "Designed by Tom Prescott, an engineer whose career had taken him from Sikorsky to Piper to LearJet. Design started in 1984, construction of the pictured prototype started in June 1984, first flight was made on July 9, 1985, followed by its public debut at Oshkosh in 1985.

The second prototype N42PP was fully IFR equipped and flew for the first time on May 28, 1987. The type was marketed as a four-place pay-as-you-go kit plane, but it was not a success. Only the two prototypes and one of the alledgedly 68 kits sold are still registered in the USA: N41PP is owned by the Kansas Aviation Museum, the second prototype (re-registered N128S) by Prescott, both at Wichita, Kansas, while N43PP (c/n 050) is registered at Vancouver, Washington."

Created September 15, 2006