No. 6197. Mikoyan and Guerevich I-270
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Mikoyan and Guerevich I-270

10/31/2017. Remarks by Johan Visschedijk : "Created by the Mikoyan and Guerevich OKB to meet a 1945 requirement for a rocket-propelled target defense fighter, the I-270 was based broadly on the Messerschmitt Me 263, but was of a less radical configuration, featuring a straight wing and conventional horizontal tail. Adopting an ejection seat for the first time in a Soviet fighter and having a wing of near-laminar flow profile. With ballast replacing the rocket motor the first of two prototypes, referred to as the Zh-1, was towed into the air behind a Tupolev Tu-2 on February 3, 1947, pilot was Viktor N.Yuganov.

Only the second prototype was to be fitted with the rocket motor. This, the RD-2M-3V developed by L Dushkin and V Glushko, was a bi-propellant dual-chamber unit affording a total thrust of 3,197 lb (1,450 kg) of which the cruise chamber contributed 882 lb (400 kg). The cabin was pressurized and proposed armament comprised two 0.906 in (23 mm) cannon and eight RS-82 rockets. The second prototype (Zh-2) flew under power on September 2, 1947, both aircraft were written off as a result of landing crashes in 1947, the program was abandoned in 1948."

Created February 28, 2007