No. 7097. Bloch 700 (c/n 01)
Photographed at Schiphol Airport, Amsterdam, the Netherlands, November 20, 1930, source unknown

Bloch 700

11/30/2007. Remarks by Bernhard Klein: "Early 1936 Blériot-Aéronautique was already on the brink of collapse due to debts and lack of orders and when Louis Blériot died of a hart attack on August 1, 1936, the company went into liquidation immediately.

In 1936 the French aviation industry was nationalized, and the Société Nationale de Constructions Aéronautiques du Sud-Ouest (SNCASO) was formed on November 16. It also occupied the former Blériot plant at Suresnes and SNCASO employed the former Blériot staff as well, including the designer André Herbemont. Marcel Bloch became the delegated administrator (his company was also nationalized); shortly thereafter Bloch formed the Société Anonyme des Avions Marcel Bloch (SAAMB).

The Bloch 700 was designed by Herbemont to the specification for a lightweight fighter issued by the Ministère de l'Air on January 12, 1937. It was built by SNCASO at Suresnes and powered by a 700 hp Gnome-Rhone 14 M6 double-row 14-cylinder radial engine, the sole prototype was first flown on April 19, 1940. It was destroyed by German forces during the occupation."

Created November 30, 2007