No. 8011. Mahoney-Ryan X-1 Special (NX7621)
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Mahoney-Ryan X-1 Special

08/15/2008. Remarks by Bernhard Klein: "Also known as Sportster, this two-seat experimental light plane was built in 1928, powered by 80 hp Siemens & Halske. Re-powered with a 90 hp Warner Scarab in 1929 for "Safety Plane" entry with a variable-airfoil wing ("no two ribs are alike") controlled by a lever in the cockpit. No fin or stabilizer, which were replaced by a large, moveable "stabilator" and a longitudinally-adjustable 50 lb (22.7 kg) weight on a track inside fuselage to shift the c/g. All that resulted in enough stability problems to cancel the project."

Created August 15, 2008