No. 9050. Nakajima B6N2 Tenzan Model 12 "Jill" Imperial Japanese Navy
Photograph from USAF, taken at Naval Air Facility Atsugi, near Tokyo, Japan, 1945

Nakajima B6N-15 Tenzan

06/30/2009. Remarks by Johan Visschedijk: "The first of two prototypes of the three-seat B6N Tenzan (Heavenly Mountain) carrier torpedo bomber was first flown in Spring 1941, however, it took over two years of testing before production was approved in mid-1943. The initial production model was the B6N1, powered by an 1,870 hp Nakajima Mamoru 11 fourteen-cylinder air-cooled radial. After 133 aircraft production switched to the B6N2, powered by an 1,850 hp Mitsubishi MK4T fourteen-cylinder air-cooled radial, over 1,100 were produced. Note the antennae along the fuselage, part of the Air Surface Vessel (ASV) radar, used in night attacks."

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Created June 30, 2009