No. 9683. Miles M.38 Messenger Mk.2A (G-AIEK c/n 6339)
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Miles M.38 Mk.2A Messenger

01/31/2010. This aircraft was produced by the Miles Aircraft (Northern Ireland) Ltd. at Newtownards near Belfast in 1946 as a civil Mk.2A version with rounded rear windows. Powered by an 155 hp Blackburn Cirrus Major III engine it was first flown with the 'Class B' registration U-9 before it was registered G-AIEK on August 27, 1946.

In 1973 it was fitted with large rear windows and painted in a military color scheme, resembling the second M.38 Messenger prototype, s/n RG333, used as a personal aircraft by Field Marshall Montgomery during and after D-Day.

Created January 31, 2010