No. 9686. Caspar C.L.E. 11 (D-294)
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Caspar C.L.E. 11

01/31/2010. The Caspar Werke of Travemünde, Germany, founded by Dr. Ing. N.C. Carl Caspar, produced this small commercial passenger monoplane in 1923.

Designed by Ing. Ernst von Loessl, the C.L.E. 11 (or C.L.E. 11 L) was of entire wooden construction covered with plywood, characterized by straight lines and flat surfaces, while fuselage had an inverted V-roof and a V-bottom in the forward part.

The pilot sat in an open cockpit aft of the wing, under which two passengers sat face-to-face in a tiny cabin. Powerplant was an 80 hp Siemens Sh 5 seven-cylinder radial engine.

In July 1923, the aircraft took part in the Gothenburg International Air Exhibition in Sweden, and placed eighth and last in a competition held there for 'Sporting and Touring Planes, with motors of less than 110 hp'.

Created January 31, 2010