No. 10025. Dyn'Aero CR-100 (F-PLEA c/n 26)
Photographed at Nevers, France, July 16, 2005 by Loet Kuipers

Dyn'Aero CR-100

09/30/2010. Remarks by Walter van Tilborg: "The fully aerobatic two-seat CR-100 was designed by Christophe Robin, son of Pierre Robin. The type had a configuration which was very similar to that of the CAP-10. The CR-100 had an all-wooden construction and a conventional tail wheel type undercarriage. Powered by an 180 hp Lycoming AEIO-360-B2F engine, the first CR-100 made the maiden flight on August 27, 1992. Production aircraft became available from 1993 onwards and a small number of CR-100s was delivered to the French AF.

The CR-100T had a tricycle type undercarriage, and the prototype of this variant, also fitted with an 180 hp AEIO-360 engine, was first flown during November 2000. The CR-120 was announced in 1994 and flown in prototype form in September 1996 and this model was to be available as kit or as complete aircraft. It had larger ailerons and one 200 hp IO-360 engine with an adjustable propeller as standard. The CR-120 had an all-new composite wing of slightly smaller span and a much improved aerobatic performance." Additional photo (Henk Wadman Collection).

Created September 30, 2010