No. 11855. Oskbes MAI S-2 Sintal
Photographed at MAKS, Zhukovsky, Moscow, Russia, August 18, 2011, by Loet Kuipers

Oskbes MAI S-2 Sintal

03/31/2013. Remarks by Loet Kuipers: "The S-2 Sintal is a semi-cantilever monoplane with a constant chord straight wing, and with a T-tail. The aircraft has a tricycle landing gear, with spring type main gear, and all have wheels of one size. Powerplant is a 100 hp Rotax-912UL or Rotax-912ULS engine, driving a three-blade pusher-propeller. The fiber-glass cabin has an upward-opening door on the starboard side, and the pilots are seated in tandem, the co-pilot's seat is located in the aircraft center of gravity.

The Sintal can use unpaved airfields, snow and water surfaces depending on undercarriage type, float or ski undercarriage are optional. There is also an agricultural version available. The Sintal made its public debut in August 2004, and it was flown for the first time in 2005."

Created March 31, 2013