No. 9920. Peņa Dahu (F-PCMC c/n 05)
Photographed at Nevers, France, July 16, 2007, by Loet Kuipers

Peņa Dahu

06/30/2010. Louis Peņa was born in the Auvergne, France, on June 15, 1940, and had a French mother and Spanish father. Interested in aviation from an early age, he began flying line-controlled models at the age of 14. Peņa gained a private pilot's license on May 25, 1960, joined the French Army in 1961, two years later he became instructor pilot and gained a helicopter license. Between 1966 and 1971 he flew with the Patrouille de Voltige de l'ALAT (French Army Aerobatic Patrol) and was a test pilot of light aircraft at Istres Test Center.

From 1975 on, Peņa was test and demonstration pilot for Mudry for a number of years, thereafter, till 1993, chief pilot of the Aero Club of Dax. Back in 1966 Peņa joined the civil aerobatic competition, and from 1972 till 1986 he was a member of the French aerobatic team, winning the French Championship in 1979, 1980 and 1981, and finishing as third at the world championships in 1986.

Currently retired with more than 17,000 flying hours (including 5,000 in aerobatics) under his belt, Peņa has designed and built the following aircraft:

Capeņa: single-seat aerobatic, first flight July 24, 1984
Bilouis: two-seat retractable gear aerobatic, first flight June 2, 1991
Dahu: four-seat travel, first flight May 9, 1996
CAP TR: single-seater aerobatic, first flight April 21, 1998
Joker: tandem two-seat aerobatic trainer, first flight December 27, 2002
Superjoker: three-seat aerobatic/travel, under construction

The pictured aircraft was built by Ferid Chakroun in 2005.

Created June 30, 2010