No. 9923. Celier Xenon (F-JWQM c/n CAA07073S)
Photographed at Reims, France, June 27, 2009, by Loet Kuipers

Celier Xenon

06/30/2010. The Xenon ultra-light was designed by Raphael Celier, who has been designing and constructing aircraft since the 1980s, including back-pack paramotors, paratrikes, gyroplanes and UAVs, in all, over 5,000 examples have been produced.

Being produced by ABS Aerolight at Sérignan-du-Comtat, France, the Xenon was initially available as a kit, but later it was sold completed. In 2007 the company was renamed Celier Aviation and production moved to new factory at Jaktorów-Kolonia, some 25 mls (40 km) southwest of Warsaw, Poland. The pictured aircraft has recently been allotted the ultra-light registration 51-SA.

Created June 30, 2010