No. 9960. Lambert Mission M106 (F-JPQX c/n 02)
Photographed at Westmalle/Zoersel, Belgium, August 25, 2007, by Loet Kuipers

Lambert Mission M106

08/31/2010. Filip Lambert of Lambert Aircraft Engineering at Wevelgem, Belgium, used a Slovakian design as basis for the M106. This side-by-side two-seat ultra-light is of metal construction covered with fabric, and is fitted with a new powerplant of Belgian design, an 82 hp four-cylinder air-cooled ULPower UL260i. The airframe is produced in Slovakia, can be equipped with a nose or tail wheel, while the engine and instruments are installed in Belgium. It has foldable wings for storage or transport on a trailer.

Created August 31, 2010