No. 10421. Stinson U (NC12196 c/n 9023) San Francisco Examiner
Photographed by W.T. Larkins

Stinson U

01/31/2011. Remarks by Johan Visschedijk: "The Model U was a ten to twelve seat executive transport designed by Art Saxon at the Stinson Aircraft Corporation of Wayne, Michigan, USA. Registered as NC932M (c/n 9000) and powered by three 240 hp Lycoming R-680BA radials, the prototype was first flown in 1932. It was followed by 23 production aircraft.

The pictured aircraft was the last produced, on June 28, 1933. Two days earlier, June 26, it had been sold to the Examiner Printing Company, San Francisco, California, as an executive transport for San Francisco Examiner staff. On January 25, 1937, it was transferred to Hearst Publications, who sold it to Aero Brokerage Service Company, Inglewood on August 10, 1938. Six days later, August 16, it was sold to Aerovias Nacionales of San Jose, Costa Rica, where it was registered as TI-34. Its fate is unknown."

Created January 31, 2011