No. 12990. Lockheed 080 TV-1 Shooting Star (33827 c/n 080-1985) US Navy
Photographed at NAS Oakland, Oakland, California, USA, September 1955, by W.T. Larkins

Lockheed 080 TV-1 Shooting Star

07/31/2016. Remarks by Johan Visschedijk: "After receiving three P-80As and one P-80B, which were used for experimental purposes, the USN obtained fifty P-80Cs from the USAF to equip operational squadrons. In USN and USMC service these aircraft were designated TO-1s (TV-1s after 1950), with the use of the type letter T indicating that they were considered as jet trainers rather than combat aircraft. Their original USAF serial numbers were replaced by BuNo. 33821 to 33870. Lockheed also proposed two fully navalized versions, the Models 380-74-04 and 480-72-04, but neither found favor with the Bureau of Aeronautics.

BuNo. 33827 was first assigned to Advanced Training Unit Six (ATU-6) Squadron at NAS Corpus Christi, Texas, in July 1949. In September 1949 the unit was transferred to NAS Whiting Field, Milton, Florida, and redesignated Jet Transitional Training Unit One (JTTU-1). The unit moved to NAAS North Field, Kingsville, Texas, on August 20, 1951, and was redesignated Advanced Training Unit Three (ATU-3), the following year it was renumbered ATU-200. Subsequently BuNo. 33827 was transferred to NAS Oakland, California."

Created July 31, 2016