No. 1320. Lockheed 10-A Electra (NC14945 c/n 1032)
Photographed at Union Air Terminal, Burbank, California, USA, 1940, by W.T. Larkins

Lockheed 10-A Electra

06/30/2006. Remarks by Jack McKillop: "This aircraft was built as a Model 10-A for Major Max C. Fleischmann. Major Fleischmann was a distinguished member of the early aviation scene: holder of the Aero Club seaplane certificate No.46 (1916), holder of free balloon certificate No. 67, and commander of the balloon school of the USAAS Balloon Section in France in early 1918.

This 10-A, equipped with 450 hp Wasp Junior R-985-SB nine-cylinder air-cooled radial engines, was delivered to Major Fleischmann on July 21, 1935 registered NC14945. The aircraft was sold to another private individual in 1937.

When the US entered WW II in December 1941, many civilian aircraft were impressed by the government including 15 Model 10-As, seven Model 10-Bs and four Model 10-Es. This aircraft was one of the 15 Model 10-As and it was impressed on March 14, 1942 and designated C-36A-LO, USAAF s/n 42-32535 and assigned to the Army Air Corps Ferrying Command. (The Army Air Corps Ferrying Command was redesignated the Air Transport Command on June 20, 1942.)

The aircraft was redesignated UC-36A-LO in January 1943, the code 'UC' for utility transport aircraft indicating that the aircraft could accommodate up to eight persons, including pilot, or a cargo weighing no more than 1,400 lb (635 kg). It was surveyed on January 7, 1944 after an accident at Great Falls Army Air Field, Great Falls, Montana, USA."

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Created February 24, 2002