No. 4993. Convair 990-30A-5 (N5607 c/n 30-10-16) American Airlines
Photographed at San Francisco, California, USA, October 30, 1965, by W.T. Larkins

Convair 990-30A-5

01/22/2007. Remarks by Jack McKillop: "This aircraft was delivered to American Airlines on February 9, 1962 registered N5607. In the early sixties Astrojet was the type name given by American Airlines to all their jet aircraft. It was sold to Modern Air Transport, a US charter airline operating in Europe from Berlin, in April 1967 and was subsequently re-registered N5624.

It was then sold to a charter company, Nomads, Inc. in August 1975 and re-registered N990E. It was then sold to Galaxy Airlines and the new company placed it in storage at Fort Lauderdale, Florida. There was a final sale in March 1990 and then the aircraft was scappred in April 1991. View also photo 10713."

Created January 31, 2006