No. 5241. Douglas XC-112A (45-873 c/n 36326) US Army Air Forces
Photographed at Kingman, Arizona, USA, ca. 1945, by W.T. Larkins

Douglas XC-112A

04/15/2006. From Joe Baugher's Home Page: "To civil registry as N6166G, HC-ADJ of Ecuatoriana, then N6166G, EC-AUC, N6166G, CF-TAX then finally N901MA with Mercer Airlines. Was chartered by a casino at Las Vegas, Nevada, USA to pick up passengers at Ontario IAP, California, USA, for a flight to Nevada.

It had just taken off from Hollywood-Burbank Airport, California on February 8, 1976 when a prop blade on number 3 engine separated, causing an inbalance which tore out the engine from the wing. The blade also damaged number 2 engine. Aircraft attempted emergency landing at Burbank airport, California, but upon landing the brakes were lost and the landing was aborted and the crew diverted to Van Nuys airport, California.

While en route, the damaged number 2 engine failed and the crew was forced to crashland the pane on a golf course. Plane plowed through the foundation of a partially-built building and came to rest against a portable bungalow. Three crew members were killed, and three were able to escape."

Created April 19, 2006