No. 5204. Ogden Osprey PC (X187N c/n 101)
Photographed at Daugherty Field, Long Beach, California, USA, by Norman Loop

Ogden Osprey PC

07/31/2009. The brothers Henry H. and Perry V. Ogden formed the Ogden Aeronautical Corporation in 1928.They produced six aircraft before operations were ended in 1933. Designed by Frederick Thearle, the pictured Osprey PC prototype was constructed fitted with three 100 hp Kinner K-5 five-cylinder radials, before the first flight these were replaced by three ACE (American Cirrus Engines) Mk.III four-cylinder air-cooled inverted in-line engines.

Five more examples of this six-seat aircraft were produced: NC121W, NC122W, NC149W, NC150W and NC398V. NC150W was re-engined with three 95 hp Menasco B-4s (similar layout to the ACE Mk.III), redesignated Osprey PB and reregistered NX150. Reportedly one aircraft was operated by the Guatemalan AF in 1930.

Created March 31, 2006