No. 4615. Aero Vodochody XL-29 Delfin (OK-70 c/n 02) "Maya"
Photographed at Letecké Muzeum, Kbely, Czech Republic, by Malcolm Lowe

Aero Vodochody XL-29 Delfin

10/16/2005. Remarks by Malcolm V Lowe: "One of the world's great aviation museums is the Letecké Muzeum (Aviation Museum) at Kbely airfield, just outside Prague in the Czech Republic. In the outside display areas at Kbely, on display in 2004 from the Museum's reserve collection was an early example of the Aero L-29 Delfin (Dolphin) two-seat jet trainer.

The Museum has several L-29 versions in its collection, but this particular aircraft is unique because it was the first L-29 to fly. Actually the second prototype, it first flew in April, 1959. Bearing the registration OK-70, it was powered by a British turbojet engine, a Bristol Siddeley Viper. Production models of the L-29 were subsequently powered by the indigenous M-701 turbojet.

OK-70 was parked outside between the Museum's Halls A and B under a temporary open-ended shelter, which gave it some protection from the local weather (which can be quite hair-raising at times). It is generally in very good condition although not airworthy."

Created October 15, 2005