No. 11783. Hatz CB-1 (NX500L c/n 500)
Photograhed at Oshkosh, Wisconsin, USA, July 30, 2008, by Philo Lund

Hatz CB-1

01/31/2013. Remarks by Johan Visschedijk: "Lorin Wilkinson was the founder and past CEO & President of the American Hatz Association (now renamed Hatz Biplane Association). He wanted to produce a unique Hatz with an in-line engine, the chosen engine was a Czech LOM 332-A of 140 hp.

Furthermore he modified the standard Hatz design: raised the top-wing by 3 in (76 mm), lengthened the landing gear also by 3 in (76 mm), fitting Stearman cockpits and baggage bin, mounting Frise differential ailerons to the lower wings only, ground adjustable horizontal stabilizer and vertical fin, and other enhancements.

Named Snooty Hatz and registered NX500L, this aircraft received its CofA on November 26, 1999 and was subsequently flown. At the Biplane Expo 2000 held at Bartlesville, Oklahoma, Wilkinson won the Grand Champion - Experimental Trophy, and in addition the annual Farthest Distance award, logging over 1,700 mls (2,736 km) to get Snooty Hatz from Yelm, Washington to Bartlesville.

The designation on the original Hatz was CB-1, which stood for 'Continental Biplane Model 1'. Wilkinson named his modified version Snooty Hatz, but had it registered with the FAA as Wilkinson/Hatz XB-II, the XB-II stands for 'Experimental Biplane Model 2'. As the FAA really doesn't care how a homebuilder designates an aircraft, this section remains a can of worms."

Created January 31, 2013