No. 3609. National Sport Aircraft Genie (N1843)
Photograph from Roland Joslyn

National Sport Aircraft Genie

Remarks by Philo Lund: "My neighbor Roland Joslyn helped with the design of this tandem two-place, tricycle fixed geared airplane. A single aircraft was produced and was destroyed (circa 1970) in a landing accident after it had been demonstrated for about a year. I am sure that NSA (National Sport Aircraft) did not stay active after the loss of the airplane, but I do not have info about that. I do know that several of the founders are deceased."

Remarks by Roland Joslyn: "The chief designer was Richard Rose. I was one of the fellows who worked on it during the engineering drawing phase. It was flown for several years before a landing accident at California City, California, USA, wiped it out. I flew it quite a bit, taking it once to the Reading Airshow and demonstrating it to several groups interested in manufacturing it.

I believe it needed a little larger wing area, and the flaps should have been redesigned for better landing approach/stall characteristics. Powerpalnt was a Lycoming fuel injected aerobatic AIO-360-18 rated 200 hp at 2,700 rpm. It was built with a tubular steel fuselage -- aluminum sheet metal skin -- for pilot protection in the event of an accident. And, you know, it saved the pilot in the accident that destroyed the plane.

NSA Inc. of 18455 Burbank Boulevard, Tarzana, California 91356, USA, offered the aircraft for a base price of $ 14,950.

Created July 29, 2004